WRQ leaders






Role: Byron is heavily involved in the day to day running of WRQ. He actively pursues funding and grant opportunities and ensures the group meets all the necessary legal requirements to run effectively including liaising with other wildlife organisations and the appropriate government departments as required.

Background: From a very young age Byron has had a love of all animals starting when he came across his first injured lorikeet at the age of 5. Byron has always loved wildlife and has a great passion for conservation.  Byron has completed many training courses in wildlife and actively cares for many species at his Narangba property; including bats, possums, echidna and birds. Byron has been president of WRQ for 4 years and looks forward to many years to come. Byron is also one of the groups Trauma Carers, meaning that he often attends to rescue calls in the middle of the night and early mornings. Trauma carers are permitted to administer sedatives and euthanase if required.  Byron works full time in child protection and therapeutic services with young people who have suffered severe trauma.

LORNA Mitchell


Role: Lorna is involved in the training and mentoring of new members who join Wildlife Rescue Queensland as carers. Lorna is the go-to person for any animal husbandry questions and is responsible for tracking which carer have animals. Lorna is also involved in placing animals with suitable carers.

Background: From the age of 14, Lorna has had a passion for helping animals and was an active volunteer with the RSPCA in the UK. She was involved in hand raising puppies, kittens, fox cubs and seals. Lorna moved to Australia in 2009 and began volunteering at Alma Park Zoo and was hired shortly after to be a full time Australian Native Animal Keeper. Lorna loves all animals and actively cares for many different species, however her greatest love is Kangaroos and Wallabies and all things Macropod. Lorna attends many animal rescues and is one of our Trauma Carers who is permitted to administer drugs when needed.     



Role: Susie is involved in handling all financial matters for the group which involves purchasing wildlife goods, taking membership payments, maintaining accurate records throughout the year and preparing the books for the end of financial year returns.

Background: Susie first became involved in caring for wildlife in 2002. As well as being the treasurer for the group, Susie is also actively involved in caring for various different Macropods of all ages. Susie is passionate about watching wildlife that have been rescued, continue to develop and grow stronger in care so that they can be released successfully back into the wild.