This story of a baby possum reunited with mum is our best type. We love when we go to rescues where there is a baby animal and we see the mum nearby.

Our goal is to reunite the baby with their mum whenever possible.

Today we were called to a baby Brushtail possum rescue at a property on Narangba. The baby must have fallen off its mums back and was found on the verandah. Mum possum was up in the rafters watching closely.

We picked up the baby and held him towards his mum. She bent her head down to the baby who immediately climbed onto her. Mum possum protectively put her arm around her bub while it had a much-needed drink. They settled in with lots of licks and sniffs. The baby eventually made his way completely into the safety of his mum’s pouch.

Thanks to the fast action of the homeowners in calling us, mum and baby were reunited and are now safely back together.

Myth Busted: it is not true that wild animals including birds will not take a baby back when it has been touched by a human!

This is a myth that causes many animals to be separated from their parents that could have been easily reunited! Wherever possible we try to reunite mums and babies that are separated.