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Kangaroos! The most widely accepted icon of Australia throughout the whole world! The eastern grey is just one type and it colouration is a light-coloured grey or brownish-grey, with a lighter silver or cream, sometimes nearly white, belly. It is the second largest marsupial to live in Australia and they can be seen in many areas of Brisbane and Queensland. Did you know that kangaroos only have a 30% chance of survival rate, but if they happen to come into our care after an accident they thrive in the care of our trained and experienced carers and then get released back into the wild as strong adults.

If you love kangaroos as much as we do, why not decorate your bin with this lovely picture of Saphire the eastern grey kangaroo.

These bin stickers are printed on high gloss, environmentally safe, waterproof paper. The sticker will bring a touch of vibrance to your street and help raise awareness of our wildlife at the same time. Plus, you’ll be helping to support a range of animals in our care, ensuring they get access to food, medicine, and shelter!

Our aim is to release all animals that come into our care, back into the wild in their natural habitat so that can live their best life as nature intended.

The bin sticker sizes are SRA3 which are: 450mm x 320mm

kangaroo on a bin sticker

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