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Wallabies come from the same family as Kangaroos but are usually much smaller. They give birth to live young but they live in their Mums’ pouch until they are ready to strike out into the big wide world on their own. If there has been an accident the joeys rely on Wildlife Rescuers to take them from the pouch and rear them by hand.

If you love Wallabies as much as we do, why not decorate your bin with this lovely picture of Harper the Redneck Wallaby.

These bin stickers are printed on high gloss, environmentally safe, waterproof paper. The sticker will bring a touch of vibrance to your street and help raise awareness of our wildlife at the same time. Plus, you’ll be helping to support a range of animals in our care, ensuring they get access to food, medicine, and shelter!

Our aim is to release all animals that come into our care, back into the wild in their natural habitat so that can live their best life as nature intended.

The bin sticker sizes are SRA3 which are: 450mm x 320mm

Buy 1 for $29 each
2 at $27 each or
3+ for $25 each
(mix and match the designs)

red neck wallaby on a bin sticker

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