WRQ fundraising hosted a Wildlife Shirt Fundraiser with great success! We sent out 91 shirts and 8 hats all over Australia, to many different carers and rescuers. They were all a part of different organisations and we were so excited to see them being so well received. We are working on additional designs and will look at hosting another event like this in the future.

We are looking at our next big fundraiser currently. This time the theme will be BIN STICKERS for Wildlife. After we finalise the details we will be spreading the news via social media and newsletters. Keep an eye out for those in the future!

A big thank you to JetsPets animal transport who donated a bunch of crates to us.  We are in the process of getting them on the Facebook page so that members can assess them easily. A big thank you to Scott Johnston who travelled in his ute to collect them on our behalf.

And finally, another big thank you to Maren and all the helpers at Star Stitches for Tamborine Animal Rescues for their generous donations of pouches and lift blankets. We are grateful for your ongoing generosity!

We encourage anyone and everyone to get involved in fundraising to help our wildlife rescues. You can make a difference. By making a donation, you can become part of our community that is working hard to preserve our local wildlife. Your donation helps us to feed, treat, medicate and rehabilitate wildlife; every dollar you donate supports wildlife care.